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Author Topic:  Miraplacid Text Driver 4.4 - Batch Printing Files

posted 2007-06-11 19:11:46 Reply -Delete

I'm getting a bit tired of dragging and dropping files onto the mtd icon to create text files from binary files.

Is there any way I can batch process all the binary files in a directory using methods from Visual Basic? Do you have any code samples where visual basic is used to iterate through all files in a directory and use the miraplacid text driver to ouput them all to text files?

Complete code examples in visual basic would be very helpful to your customers. Please note: I am not using mtd to convert Word documents. These documents are binary files created by an application called ICS. MTD extracts the text perfectly when I manually drag and drop the files on the executable, but I need to have this batch processing done programmatically.

Thanks, in advance, for your assistance.


posted 2007-12-27 05:10:33 Reply -Delete

If your application (ICS) supports COM (has registered as COM server), you may use it from VBScript or JavaScript.
With FileSystemObject, you may enumerate all the files in some folder and force your application (ICS) to do something (print to MTD) with your file.
Or, if your application supports command line arguments which may make the application print the file, you may use a simple batch file like:

FOR %%a IN (*.ics) DO ics.exe -print %%a

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