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Author Topic:  MTD 5.0

From: USA
posted 2007-01-26 15:28:18 Reply -Delete

I was wondering what the status was on Release 5.0 and what new features would be available with the new release.

Last May I had inquired about having the functionality to upload files through an https connection and was told that you were working on a pre-release of 5.0.

Any word.




posted 2007-04-26 09:13:04 Reply -Delete

MTD 5.0 is completed and released now.
Please, feel free to visit its webpage and download it:


New features are:

1. Document printing and text extraction speed improved dramatically.
2. 64-bit OS support added.
3. Text formatting algorithm improved. Formatted output now looks
much better than output of version 4.4 for the vast majority of source
4. User interface dialog split into two windows: big preview window and
settings dialog.
5. You can create multiple virtual printers with different text extraction
and saving settings.
6. New options in text rendering plug-ins.
7. You can send output text by email.
8. You can send output text to Clipboard and launch a post-processor.
9. You can use output text as RSS feed.
10. HTTPS scheme works in HTTP transport.
11. Many new useful options in Pirnter transport.
12. "Separator page" feature works now.

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