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Miraplacid Forum >> Virtual Printer Drivers >> Miraplacid Text Driver - Not deleting print jobs after written to fileModerator:Cerberus

Author Topic:  Miraplacid Text Driver - Not deleting print jobs after written to file

posted 2007-01-17 17:06:13 Reply -Delete


I've been using the Miraplacid Text Driver for a little while and have noticed that sometimes that after a job has been written to file, it will still appear in the job list of the Miraplacid Printer, with the status of Deleting.

However, the job never gets deleted, and on a subsequent reboot, the job is written to file again (and to a printer, if the passthrough is setup).

Is there a fix to ensure that the jobs are cleared when they have been printed?



Roger Newey

posted 2007-01-25 10:45:15 Reply -Delete

Hello Lordsnipe,

We both posted MTD4.4 problem reports in the last week; I have also sent emails to Support & to Wolf. But no response.

Is anyone at Miraplacid listening? Or have they gone away?

Still hopeful,
Roger Newey

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