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Miraplacid Forum >> Software Development >> getting error on linux, connection reset by peerModerator:XMan

Author Topic:  getting error on linux, connection reset by peer

From: india
posted 2007-01-12 06:26:06 Reply -Delete


I am facing a critical problem on linux printing system.

I have an application in JAVA installed on a linux machine.
One printer on windows network.
My JAVA application uses to create aroud 20 single pages.
Application connects to the printer using JAVA instructions.
and this is how 20 pages get printed on the printer.

Sometimes (once in 2-3 days) the out of 20 prints only some 10 pages will get printed and the

others wont.
These remaining pages will be there in the job queue on linux.

When i check with log i find error from where it stopped printing.
error states : - unable to send print file to printer : Connection reset by peer.
The print queue could be seen to be disabled.

When i enable this disabled queue all the jobs will get printed.

But why this queue get disabled automatically?

One more thing, I have one more printer in network but on that printer this issue never happen

for same jobs.

I used to change the printer but also then it didn't help.

Where is the problem? CUPS , connections , network ?

Any clue.
Please help me.


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