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Author Topic:  Printing web pages without a printer

From: USA
posted 2003-04-29 17:16:49 Reply -Delete

How to use PRN files to save your print jobs until later

So there I was, browsing the Internet by the light of my Ramada Inn desk lamp, when I saw a web page I really wanted to print. Unfortunately, the only printer I had was plugged into the dock back at my desk--1,500 miles away. Sure, I could bookmark the page and print it when I got back to the office, but there was no guarantee that the page's content wouldn't change by then. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, read on.

Like many Windows programs, Internet Explorer offers a Print To File option that lets you store a file on your hard drive to print later. Creating printer files is the easy part of this process. You simply choose Print... from the File menu as you would to use a printer. Then, you select the Print To File option and click OK. Instead of directing the file to the printer, Internet Explorer pops up a dialog box and prompts you for a filename.

After you create the printer file, to which Windows assigns the PRN extension, you can continue browsing. When you return to your printer, you simply copy the printer file to the LPT1 port (or the port to which you've connected your printer.) Now, let's use this technique to capture and print a web page.

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