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Miraplacid Forum >> Virtual Printer Drivers >> need help - looking for printing sofwareModerator:Cerberus

Author Topic:  need help - looking for printing sofware

posted 2003-02-27 07:32:05 Reply -Delete

I am looking for a software to print documents with some graphic elements (i.e: my letterhead). I need something that anytime I click for printing (no matter from which program I print documents: paint, words, etc.), it prints the elements I previolusly edited with this software.

I have an accounting program which print invoices in a very 'primitive' text style and I would like to add some graphic elements such as a logo to the sheets which come out the printer.

Can you help me or tell me where is proper enquiring ?

Many thanks in advance.


From: Russia
posted 2003-03-15 18:45:36 Reply -Delete

You mean you need something that will helps you print invoices faster on matrix printer?

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