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Author Topic:  faxing fax

From: Germany
posted 2003-01-28 12:09:23 Reply -Delete

I have a DSL connection and with DSL i have to use filters on each phone jack. On one end of the splitter there is a connection that comes from the wall into the splitter. That would be the input. Then there is a connection that goes out to the DSL and another connection that goes out to the phone. Does anyone know this...if i run a phone line from the phone side of the splitter to my computer, would that enable me to be able to recieve faxes
and still have my DSL connected?


From: Italy
posted 2003-01-28 12:12:23 Reply -Delete

fax modem works the same way as a regular voice telephone. If you have your modem set to answer fax calls, it will answer all calls whether they are faxes or not. This ties up computer resources too much for the occasional incoming fax. A better arrangement would be to turn on the auto-answer only when you are expecting an imminent incoming fax or manually answer by clicking the appropriate icon in the fax program when you hear the phone ring. Even better would be a cheap fax machine or incoming faxes and use the fax modem for
outgoing faxes of documents already on your computer. You would have to buy
either a scanner or fax machine for paper documents anyway since you would have
no way to get them into your computer.

Miraplacid Publisher + Email would be a better way to send documents ;)


posted 2003-01-28 12:16:39 Reply -Delete

>Miraplacid Publisher + Email would be a >better way to send documents

For just in case,
image printer driver: http://www.miraplacid.com/shareware/mpd.shtml
text printer driver:

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