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Miraplacid Forum >> Virtual Printer Drivers >> Not all installed printers showing in applicationsModerator:Cerberus

Author Topic:  Not all installed printers showing in applications

From: Nirvana
posted 2003-01-28 12:02:23 Reply -Delete

I'm having a problem that has me baffled. I have a
windows XP machine, the person using it has admin priv.
and there are 6 printers installed. Some applications
show all the printers and some only show half (with no
scroll bar). They must really be there because the
default printer (printer driver) is one that doesn't show, but I still get prints when I use the 'printer' icon. Can anyone help?
I figure I'll try for a few more day, but then I need to go back to the windows 2000 sice I know that works.

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