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Author Topic:  design printer driver (1st message)

posted 2006-06-06 02:08:58 Reply -Delete

Dear friends,

This is my first message on this forum.

I have a new task to do that I know nothing about. I am to design a printer driver (I think).
The requirements of the project are:

1. design a printer driver
- the printer driver should be able to pass jobs to the software installed in the workstation that is connected to the printer.
- the printer driver should be robust. It should be good to use on all OS systems.
- the printer driver should take care of the ease of use.

2. deisgn a software
- the software should get the print job from the printer drivers it is connected to.
- the software should queue the jobs.
- the software should present user with an authentication box for it to be authenticated as an authorized user for the printer.
- the software should allow only the authenticated users to print their jobs.
- the software should keep a detailed log of the printing jobs.

So, from what I understand so far is - I have to develop a printer driver that sends the print job requests to a software that is installed on the workstation.
The workstation acts as a hub for the printing jobs. The workstation is a computer that is connected to the printer. The work station will get the print jobs from the driver,
queue them and wait for the password to be authenticated. When the user inputs his credentials the software will detect his print jobs and print them out.

This is all very new to me. Your guidance on how to do this will be most appreciated (How can I do this?). Thank you in advance for your help.


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