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Author Topic:  Using Miraplacid Text Driver For MS Word Doc

From: USA
posted 2005-05-04 16:02:20 Reply -Delete

I'm trying to use the Text Driver to create a text document from a Word document, but its not holding the formatting (spacing). The word doc has a page number header, a footer, and line numbering. Here's some of the main issues in the output:

1) The page number which is right justified, is being placed way out in column 508.
2) Some of the lines (mostly the ones with double digit line numbers) are starting in column 1.
3) Sometimes the line numbers are coming on on the right side of the text instead of the left.

So my question is, should this product work with MS Word documents to keep the format of the document in the text file?

Please help ASAP. TIA.



From: USA
posted 2005-05-10 11:48:40 Reply -Delete

Yes it should
But Miraplacid Text Driver is a printer driver-based software. It does not get formatted text from the Microsoft Word.
Instead, it gets lines or smaller pieces of text and assmbles the page from them. There are multiple reasons why there is no way to make extracted text look exactly like the original document. For example, most screen fonts have different width for different letters, while in a text file 1 symbol is 1 letter.
Miraplacid angineers are working to improve the text extraction and formatting algorithms. We hope to have better text with layout in the following version.

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