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Author Topic:  Trackbar msctls_trackbar32 events MFC

From: AU
posted 2004-07-02 04:38:14 Reply -Delete

I have added a trackbar control to my form.
Class Wizard allows me to handle 3 events, the only useful one is NM_RELEASEDCAPLTURE.
It works good when I move the slider with mouse.
But how do I wire an event handler to keyboard slider movement? Should I capture WM_KEYUP
or something like that?


From: Argentina
posted 2004-07-05 05:00:26 Reply -Delete

The only event handler you need is WM_HSCROLL (WM_VSCROLL if your tackbar is vertical)
Choose dialog in cless wizard to make it available.


From: AU
posted 2004-07-05 07:49:42 Reply -Delete

It works, but it calls the same handler for all my trackbar controls.
How do I figure which control was changed? How can I get control ID from the CScrollBar
I'm getting as a handler argument?

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