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Author Topic:  multi-page tiffs

posted 2004-05-15 19:33:24 Reply -Delete

I recently downloaded the trial because I could use an easy way to print 300dpi tiffs from indesign. I'm having a little trouble finding settings for dpi and image numbering...Ideally I'd like to be able to print to the manager, with each indesign page coming out as a separate, numbered .tiff file (format requirements are 11x17 pages at 300dpi). any help setting this up would be greatly appreciated.



From: USA
posted 2004-05-17 05:25:26 Reply -Delete


300 DPI is default resolution for Miraplacid Publisher.
Resolution is not a property of Miraplacid Publisher. It is a property of Windows Printing system. To change it, in Print dialog choose "Properties", then "Printing Preferenced" in Properties dialog, then "advanced" in preferenced dialog, and choose DPI resolution (Print Quality) in "Adanced Options"

You can save TIFF as a single multi-page file or save every page into individual file.
Uncheck "Multipage" checkbox in the ImageType section of Miraplacid Publisher dialog to save every page of your document into individual TIFF file.
Push "Save All" button. Page number will be added to the end of file name, so the TIFF file will be numbered.
There is a checkbox "Original Name" in the "Misselaneous" section of the dialog.
It affects file name for page 1.
Uncheck it if you want to add number "1" at the end of first page file name. Otherwise the first file will be "file.tif", the second will be "file2.tif", the third one - "file3.tif" and so on.

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