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Author Topic:  What's the advantage of giving more commission

From: Canada
posted 2004-05-07 08:34:21 Reply -Delete

Hi all!

I have my commission set to 30% what are the software sites doing for my product if I set my commission to 40% or 50%. What do I get for it?

How can I check they are really promoting my product instead of just putting a little colored buy button under the listing?

I'll be glad to give more commission if it helps generating more sales.
Are there any vendors out there with special programmes for high commission affiliates?


From: US
posted 2004-05-08 06:36:39 Reply -Delete

On some download services, vendors who offer 30% or above commission
are entired to subcategory featured listing - i.e. they are placed at
the top of their sub-category. For those who offer 50% commission,
I go further and include them on the main category page,
as well as including their product on other pages of my website.
A selected few (when I find one that I like) gets extra promotion at my site.

Jim Cole

From: USA
posted 2004-08-04 14:39:14 Reply -Delete

It's usually a very good motivation for affiliates to promote software with highest commission rate. Currently, commission lower than 30% leads to zero affiliate sales. I always set commissions to 40%-45%, it gives a lot of promotion from affiliates. Remember, these are the sales you would never get without affiliates, so it is good idea to share some success with them.


posted 2015-03-14 05:41:36 Reply -Delete

Now, it's a time of affiliates dictate.
All your attempts to increase commission will not get results unless your products will be properly pre-promoted.

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