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Author Topic:  finding out when image processing has finished

From: Germany
posted 2004-05-05 08:18:00 Reply -Delete

Subject: Miraplacid Publisher Printer Driver
any issue on finding out when image processing has finished?


very great tool!
I'm trying to use it for development (Visual Basic). But I've got a problem.
How could it be possible to find out when the image creation has finished? E.g. for large images it can take some seconds until minutes, so I will have to find out when the image is created to go on with the next code processing the image file.

Thanks in advance

Best regards


From: USA
posted 2004-05-06 02:59:12 Reply -Delete

You have two options:
a) there is a "post processing" feature. You can assign a software that will be started as soon as output files have been saved. Original idea was to let you start an external viewer, image processing or transport (like FTP). You can build a "post-processing" program to notify your application that output file is ready.
b) Miraplacid has a custom edition of Miraplacid Publisher with additional COM property for the print job status. Miraplacid does not publicly distribute this edition, so please contact Miraplacid support for details.


From: Norway
posted 2004-05-07 09:52:58 Reply -Delete

Hi once again,

I am trying to use server-side Image Creation with Excel, it works fine.
But now I found a problem, how can I get the filename of the created file within the script (not running an external program with $FILE$) ?
I need the filename to send over web to the client's browser. The fact is, that the image printer always adds the image number, e.g. if I set up the filename like "Image" the filename will be "Image1".

Any hint?



From: USA
posted 2004-05-08 10:33:35 Reply -Delete

Try to change "OriginalName" property. It turns off the page number in the file name for a first page.

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