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Author Topic:  Google AdWords vs. Overture
Alex Hawley

From: NL
posted 2004-05-04 07:25:50 Reply -Delete

Does anybody have had any experience with Overture.
I will appreciate you share your opinion. How is Overture vs. AdWords


From: U.S.A.
posted 2004-05-06 02:48:40 Reply -Delete


have been using both for a while now. Google adwords kept closing my account and charging me to re-instate it, if my words slowed during the middle of the night. I was getting great results with it, until really late in the night. It is too automated.

Overture is a great service. It gave me a lot more visitors, and never charged me when my words slowed.


From: US
posted 2004-05-07 11:16:21 Reply -Delete

I have used both but now only use AdWords. When used properly it brings in far more traffic at about half the cost.

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