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Miraplacid Forum >> Software Development >> lstrcpyW does not work on Win98Moderator:XMan

Author Topic:  lstrcpyW does not work on Win98

From: Canada
posted 2004-05-03 03:23:09 Reply -Delete

It seems lstrcpyW and functions like that do not work on Win98.
They just copy nothing. Should I use MSLU?


From: U.S.
posted 2004-05-03 10:12:59 Reply -Delete

Well, Microsoft claims they should. MSDN says ...the W version already exists
on Windows 98/Me...
But, in fact, they don't. Well, at least they does not crash the system :)

Use wcscpy - it really DOES work on Windows 98.
And it is way more simple than adding MSLU to your modules.

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