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Miraplacid Forum >> Virtual Printer Drivers >> Poor print quality after XP upgrade--help!!!Moderator:Cerberus

Author Topic:  Poor print quality after XP upgrade--help!!!

posted 2004-04-04 20:04:41 Reply -Delete

I own a Canon S520 printer. It has always worked beautifully. Recently I upgraded my system from Windows Me to Windows XP. Ever since then, my print quality has been very poor. Specifically the images come out very grainy.

Here is a detailed list of the steps I took in trying to correct the problem:

1. Checked my settings in Printing Preferences, to make sure they are optimized for high quality printing on Glossy Photo Paper.
2. Went into Effects and checked Vivid Photo, Image Optimizer and Photo Optimizer Pro.
3. Downloaded the updated printer driver for my Canon S520 printer off the Canon website, and followed the directions to install it.
4. Uninstalled both my printer, and the driver I just downloaded, and tried reinstalling my printer and its software, including the printer driver update.
5. Made sure Reduce Spool Data size was turned off.
6. Tried printing from different applications, such as Photoshop and QuarkExpress, only to get the same low-quality results.
7. Did a Nozzle Check Pattern and Print Head Alignment (which came out fine).

It seems like the printer is printing at a lower resolution since I upgraded to XP. The colors are good, but the images are very grainy.

I am getting extremely frustrated, because it seems like nobody has any answers for me. Is this a matter of my printer being incompatible with XP? I bought the printer about a year and a half ago, so it is fairly new.

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