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Author Topic:  Visual Studio 7 question
Kevin Appler

From: USA
posted 2004-04-01 01:17:37 Reply -Delete

Is it possible to edit a component not listed in the toolbar with form deisgner?
I'm talking about PropertyGrid.
Or Form Designer is limited to "Standard" components?


From: AU
posted 2004-04-02 11:23:44 Reply -Delete

Yes, it is possible to make any visible component editable in Form Designer.
Just do this.
1. declare your property grid just next all the other components

private System.Windows.Forms.PropertyGrid pg;

2. in the #region Windows Form Designer generated code,
in the
private void InitializeComponent()
create the PropertyGrid
this.pg = new System.Windows.Forms.PropertyGrid();
configure it and add to form or panel

Compile the application and open form in Form Editior.
You not only can size or move the Property Grid just like any other control,
you can change it properties in the Visual Studio Properties window.

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