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Author Topic:  MSCCryptoAES

posted 2004-01-19 19:32:54 Reply -Delete

I am trying to use MSCCryptoAES in a form. When a user registers the userpassword gets encrypted and stored in a DB.

my question is how do I decrypt the password. In the examples supplied with the software, there is the use of MSCBLOB as well as two decrypt sessions. Decrypt and decrypt1.

Can some on give me a simple example on how to decrypt an encrypted text (with or without using MSCBLOB).


posted 2004-01-21 04:56:01 Reply -Delete

Actually, all that you need is to initialize Key parameter of the Crypto object.
If you keep your key in the binary form, use the following construction:

var oRs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset");
var objSrcBlob = Server.CreateObject("Miraplacid.MSCBlob");
objSstBlob.Bin = oRs(2).Value;

If you keep this value in any other form (hex, base64), use appropriate properties.

After that, you will be able to decrypt your data with imported key.

Have a nice day.

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