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Author Topic:  Printer driver damage

From: USA
posted 2003-06-16 07:20:09 Reply -Delete

Windows won't load the driver for my printer. It has the driver genericaly but wo'nt load it because it says my INV file is damaged. I keep getting the message reload windows and try again. Which I have done and done and done. The wierd thing is I have used this printer a couple of weeks ago b4 I uninstalled then reinstalled win98. How can that have made any difference ?, oh I have also installed Star office 5.2 but I don't see what difference this could have made.


From: USA
posted 2003-06-16 07:21:38 Reply -Delete

I assume you mean .INF file . Use System File Checker to replace the damaged file.


From: Germany
posted 2003-06-16 07:25:38 Reply -Delete

>I assume you mean .INF file . Use System File Checker to replace the damaged file.

Yeah I did mean the INF file. How did you know ?. SFC did the trick. THANKS !.

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