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Miraplacid Forum >> Printer Drivers >> Laserjet 5000 41.3 error (unexpected paper size)Moderator:Cerberus

Author Topic:  Laserjet 5000 41.3 error (unexpected paper size)

From: Germany
posted 2003-05-30 05:02:53 Reply -Delete

You guys/gals all rock. alright, i have an LJ5000 that gives the 41.3 error only from tray 2, only with letter paper. the tray is not causing the error (i swapped out with a known good tray), and the bypass tray works flawlessly. is my paper sensor pcb board at fault? it's the only thing i can come up with. thank you in advance.



From: USA
posted 2005-02-14 13:09:10 Reply -Delete

Try looking at the front of Tray 2 to see which paper size is selected in the little oval sign/button in the center of the front of the drawer. If it is accidentally "Exec" instead of "Letter" - open the drawer, look down on the settings knob, and change it to "Letter" with that blue rolling knob inside the top of the paper tray on the left. That solved it for us. No more 41.3 error!

Margaret Roger

posted 2019-11-05 22:53:20 Reply -Delete

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