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Author Topic:  User-defined type not defined

posted 2017-06-05 23:53:58 Reply -Delete

I have installed and configured MTD.dll using setupmaker after installing the miraplacid text driver. But when I use below code in VB6 it throws error "User-defined type not defined".

Dim obj As Miraplacid.TextDriver
Set obj = CreateObject("Miraplacid.TextDriver")

By reading the miraplacid documentation, it seems installation and configuration of text driver should be enough to use above code directly. But it did not work.

Additionally, I have tried adding project reference to mtd.dll explicitly but again the same error.

Can anybody suggest if I am missing anything or any specific reference (dll or other activex component) is required to execute above code in VB6.


posted 2017-07-15 11:52:51 Reply -Delete

Your project should contain a reference to Text Driver library registered as a COM server.
You may use one of sample projects as a base of your solution.

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