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Author Topic:  Open with Application Option Win 7

From: Colombia
posted 2011-06-14 15:58:18 Reply -Delete

In Windows 7 how do you give a Non-Admin user privileges to execute an Application that you set in the Open with Option in the Output To Settings. UAC (User Account Control) does not allow to execute the App it is calling.

Any suggestions ?

Thank you for any help.



posted 2011-06-18 08:51:06 Reply -Delete

Text Driver launches a post-processor under the same user as it is running.
We have tested post-processors on Win 7 and everything works ok.
If you have some special case like application with manifest saying that it must be run under Administrator, it may also be launched but you may need to enter Admin password.
To help you in this situation, we would need to have its detailed explanation.
Please, send it to support@miraplacid.com.

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