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Author Topic:  Text Driver 2010

From: Germany
posted 2011-05-15 16:44:26 Reply -Delete

Dear Sirs,

is it possible to only extract single lines of a document, such are beginning with special character (e. g. @@).

Background: Restrictive Application allows printing invoice twice on two printers. One printer is the Laserprinter which prints the invoice. The second printer is MTD2010 but I only need the address of invoice in order to forward to the shipping-Application. No possibility to only get out shipping address from that application directly.

MTD2010 can convert all the invoice into text, but except of the shipping address, all these informations are garbage for this purpose.

Before I spent a lot of time writing a program for extracting shipping address from the whole invoice-text, I'd like to ask, if MTD2010 can "filter-out" only such text beginning with special characters and ignores all other text.

Regards from Germany,


posted 2011-06-14 08:13:54 Reply -Delete

You may use some simple but effective JavaScript post-processor (because it have regexp support onboard) with File output type.
Text Driver will save printed data into the file, post-processor will extract needed text pieces from generated text and save result into some different file.

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