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Miraplacid Forum >> Virtual Printer Drivers >> 64 Bit printing - spooled print jobModerator:Cerberus

Author Topic:  64 Bit printing - spooled print job

posted 2010-01-06 09:33:24 Reply -Delete

On Windows 7 64 bit machine all single print jobs work fine. But when there is a spooled print job the process seems to hang.

More info: We call an exe from the driver which combines\saves multiple print jobs into 1 file. Each page is a single print job. The exe watches the process until all print jobs are complete then combines the files.

Issue: On multiple print jobs for some reason the process never stops so it appears that the print jobs are continuing. This is only happening on 64 bit.



posted 2010-01-06 10:12:47 Reply -Delete

Forgot to mention that the process works fine on Vista 64 bit


posted 2010-01-16 09:05:24 Reply -Delete

The problem is still not clear.
1. What is "multiple print jobs" ? Does it mean that you print them faster than Text Driver processes them and Text Driver opens them spooled?
We need to have a log file to see what happens.
2. Have you tried to print the same sequence without your exe? What is result?
3. What is your exe file? How it works? As a post-processor or custom UI?
We need to have detailed explanation of the problem to help you resolve it.

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