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Author Topic:  Invoke Text Driver from a perl script

From: United States
posted 2009-06-14 18:51:51 Reply -Delete

I've just installed the Text Driver on a trial basis.

I want to run a perl script that will generate PDF files and then initiate the Text Driver, passing to it the name of the input pdf file(s) and the name of the output file without any user intervention. The purpose is to relieve the user of having to type in multiple-directory-path names for input and output.

Sometimes the process will be run by a logged-on user, sometimes as a scheduled task.

Can I accomplish this with the "regular" Text Driver, or do I need the SDK? (This is not a commercial application.)


Windows XP sp3


posted 2009-06-17 04:16:26 Reply -Delete


Text Driver is not a coversion utility, so you cannot pass input file names ot it. This is a printer dirver and you can print to it any document.

You must not really control Text Driver from your script or program (event if it suports COM). You may create several printers in Text Driver and assign different settings to them (output paths).
Then, your script will need to print your PDF files to one of the Text Driver printers depending of which set of options you need to use.

Or, you may set a single Text Drvier printer options via COM properties from your script.


From: United States
posted 2009-06-17 17:07:14 Reply -Delete

I don't want T D to be a conversion utility.

"Miraplacid Text Driver registers itself as an ActiveX object and could be used from any scripting and OLE-compliant software.
Using this ability, you can control the printing process directly from your script or application."

Above is from you online description of the features. Is it true? What do you mean by "control the printing process..."?

I suppose I can have my program print to a specific TD printer. Can I set the output path for a specific TD printer from my program via the TD object? How do I do that? What method do I invoke or what property to I set?


posted 2009-06-22 08:20:27 Reply -Delete


You may control printing process by settings COM properties and calling COM methods provided by Text Driver COM server.

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