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Author Topic:  Simple Beginner Steps To Online Profits

posted 2008-02-07 13:18:37 Reply -Delete

Most people starting off in internet marketing will not know enough to start. So I decided to ignore the skeptics. Can you believe there are *ignorant people who are asking me why should I do this for free, and they have no clue that I am building a community of highly charged internet marketers (like you) who will make far more than these skeptics can ever imagine.. let's see who gets the last laugh. So do me a favor, and help me shut these fellows up, will you?

I'm suggesting a couple of things. First, you should get yourself involved with learning actively. You can literally make money if you educate yourself properly. No point going to fight a war if you don't know where you start fighting, right?

Anyway... here's what you need to start (I'm assuming you are a complete beginner):

#1 - A website.
Surprise, surprise. If you want to shortcut this process , you will end up with lots of pain. Get a website. This means, as a beginner, you need a web host and a domain name. You can get a web host and domain name for cheap nowadays. It doesn't just stop there. You must have a page on your site in order to tell them to leave their details. I'll explain the mechanics later after I deal with the raw elements required. If you get the host I recommended, you'd get both a domain name and a host packaged together. Not bad - a free domain for as long as you have hosting with them.
#2 - A Product.
You need a product, but of course it doesn't have to be your own product. You can always register as a Clickbank affiliate and sell that person's product. You can also find a lot of other resource sites later in this article.

#3 - Email Marketing Software.
The reason why you are reading this is probably because you came to it through my email marketing software. It's essential, and even if it costs you $10,000, you must get one. Of course, it's not $10,000 - it's a service that is going to make you money. It will help you to create your opt-in pages and help you to build a list in a very systematic manner. There is also a redirect function that can help you to bring people to your desired page once they have filled in their name and email address.

#4 - A Bait.
Yes, yes. You need something to entice people to get more information from you. So what that means is that you really have to get a bonus offer. If any of you want to give away free stuff as a bait, you can always get private label products from here. These products when bought should be used this way.
Add some graphics. If you are a design klutz like me, use this software to create a good header, and this software to make a cover for your book or report.
Write a few additional pages yourself. Don't just rely on the private label books to be the most unique content in the world. They are not. Several hundred people already are using it, so you have to do more than just that.
Format it nicely. If you really want a good book that is easy to read, you really should format the book nicely. Add some photographs. If you need good photos, Google "royalty-free photo" and you should be able to find decent pictures at giveaway prices. Yes, these are free for you to use in your reports, etc. There are terms to abide by, so please read their terms properly.

#5 - Create Traffic.
You have to generate traffic to your site in order for people to buy. If you don't focus on generating traffic, you will not get visitors and therefore will not have prospective buyers. Create traffic DAILY. This means a variety of things - creating content, doing link exchanges, writing articles for submission to article directories, and even paid advertising. Remember to set a budget, test your advertising, then improve your conversion rates along the way.

#6 - Register On Your Affiliate Network.
Clickbank, PayDotCom and Commission Junction are typically favorites, but you can also find plenty of affiliate networks at AssociatePrograms.com. There are also gazillions of independent but reputable individuals who have their own affiliate networks. Don't check them out yet. You have to focus on 3-4 products focused within the SAME target market.

So now you have the pieces of the puzzle, you're ready for affiliate marketing!

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